The Not-so-Obvious To-do List Before Your Great Travel Adventure

A couple of decades or so it was completely out of the ordinary, but now long-term travel adventure is something that more and more young people are turning to. Whether it’s because flights have suddenly become more affordable, or it’s simply a culture change, we’re not going to speculate. What we need to know for now is that it seems to be “the” thing to do.

Of course, preparing for long-term travel is a bit different than a hen or stag party in a weekend in Dublin. Chances are, you’re going to be away for months at a time. In fact, although don’t tell your folks this, you may never come back (gulp).

Despite the above, a lot of people simply don’t plan efficiently before they venture off into the sunset. We will now take a look at some of the big factors that you must include on your to-do list if you are about to venture away traveling and don’t have plans to return home in the near future.

The storage factor

Unless you happen to have a cash kitty and a house of your own, we’re going to assume that you’re moving out of your home.

It’s at this point that you’ll be selling countless items, probably to fund your travels, but there will be plenty of essentials that remain. If you can get mum and dad to help then great, but their space isn’t going to be infinite. Instead, you’ll need some form of storage, with Safestore being one of the most renowned in this regard. Sure, you’ll be charged depending on the time you’ve spent away, but you’ll at least be traveling around South East Asia (or your region of choice) safe in the knowledge that your trusty belongings are completely secure.

Also, and this is something that many people forget in the midst of getting excitement prior to their travels, it’s actually really comfortable knowing that you do have a life to come back to at some point.

Your credit card might fund you in a way unimaginable

For a lot of people, credit cards are a way to pay now and think about the consequences later. Well, let’s temporarily try and dispel such thoughts anyway.

Sure, some credit cards are just for extravagant shopping, but make your choice wisely and you can collect umpteen air miles and other travel benefits that really can fund an epic journey. In fact, on some occasions you’ll be able to upgrade to Business Class without batting an eyelid.

They say that the US is the best option for such cards, but there are also solutions in other areas as well. Shop around and even though you might have to pay a fee in some cases, the rewards will make it utterly worth it as your jet-set adventure begins.

Stay healthy at home

It’s something of a boring one, but it’s also important. Some countries you travel to will have impeccable health care, but in others you will be left wanting. At the same time, some will have all sorts of risks associated with them, where you really will need to tap into vaccinations to protect yourself.

While it does come under criticism, the NHS can be your saviour and is invaluable in this sense. A lot of the vaccinations are free, while you should also gain that medical assessment just to guard against any nasty surprises before you jump on the plane.

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