The Great British Bake-off: Top Gift Ideas for Cooking Enthusiasts

In recent yearsa large number of cooking programmes have dominated the nation’s TV schedules, but none have captured the public’s imagination quite like the Great British Bake-off, which has emerged as one of BBC’s highest rated programmes in the last eighteen months. Its appeal is universal: it’s gentle, funny, mildly tense (remember when Howard had his custard stolen at the start of last season?) and leaves its viewers mad for macarons and craving cake.

Now the Bake-Off is back for a fifth season, doughnut mania and Swiss roll obsessions will undoubtedly the subject of everyone’s gossip. With this in mind, if any of your loved ones have a birthday coming up it’s worth staying on trend, picking baking and cooking themed gifts for those who have a passion for culinary activities. Here are some of our favourite picks for gift ideas for cooking enthusiasts:

The Obsessive Chopping Board

Looking for a culinary present that combines fun with functionality? Try the ‘obsessive chopping board’. Numerous different makes of this exist, but the principle remains the same: a high quality wooden chopping board which has stringent grid lines and angles marked out on the surface so you can chop your veg ‘just so’. It would make a novel and unique present for anybody interested in cooking, while poking self-deprecating fun at individuals who adopt a painstakingly precise approach to food prep. It can also be sourced relatively cheaply, so there is ample opportunity to purchase a fun and topical present while remaining within a limited budget.

The Balcony BBQ

While more of a summer cooking gift than specifically for the baker in your life, the Balcony BBQ is a culinary accessory that offers convenience, purpose and novelty value for the friend who doesn’t have a garden but longs for the sweet taste of a charred sausage: just hook it over your balcony railings, add charcoal and start cooking.When you consider the classic inconsistency of British weather it becomes an even more valuable gift: if it starts raining you can just pop back indoors without having to run around rescuing all your paper plates! The Balcony BBQretails at around £48 and can be sourced from the Great Gift Company.

The Popcorn Recipe Book

If you’re choosing a present for the younger baker in your life, finding cake or pastry recipes requiring no fire or sharp implements can be extremely challenging. For children and teenagers who are dying to learn to cook but don’t know where to begin, apopcorn recipe book offers an ideal starting point that enables them to create culinary magic with ease. Including more than 100 unique recipes for sweet and savoury popcorn flavours, they can try out innovative recipes such as bacon caramel popcorn and marshmallow popcorn to start them on the path to cooking success. ‘Popcorn!: 100 A-maize-ing Recipes to Make at Home’ can be found in Waterstones for around £10.

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