Summer Car Care Tips – Summerize Your Car

To avoid becoming one of those poor souls you see on the side of the road with the car’s hood up and a cloud of steam billowing to the sky, it’s essential to know how to prepare your auto for summertime. Dan Adema, a 20-year automotive expert, offers these tips for summer car care tips and hot-weather driving.

Service Often and Early

Cars that are serviced on a regular basis are the cars that break down the least. Get your car summerized early, so you will be all set when the weather gets hot.

Get the Cooling System Checked Annually

Mark a reminder on your calendar this year and next year to check the cooling system in spring.

Turn the A/C Off When Driving Uphill

Minimize air conditioning use when you’re going up hills or on excessively hot day to lighten the stress on the engine.

Overheating? Turn Heater On

The best of summer car care tips is this one. When your car starts to overheat on a hot day and you want to buy yourself some time, the best way to do this is to turn the heater on. It may be a little uncomfortable, but by doing this you’ll reduce the heat inside the engine.

Keep A/C Lubricated

The only time a car’s air conditioning systems get lubricated is when the a/c is on, so run the air conditioning during the winter months. The system will last two-to-three times longer.

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