How to Increase Focus and Attention Span

Focus and attention span are two things that can do wonders for you. You need the right amount of focus and attention span to be able to find success in life, be it your school life or your work life.

When we talk about focus, we basically mean the ability to concentrate on what’s important. While we all know the importance of having our priorities right, many of us are not able to focus on what’s more important at any given time. How often do we end up thinking about irrelevant things during a meeting or going to Lolland while working on our homework? This problem isn’t unheard of, and it is simply due to a lack of focus.

On the other hand, attention span is the time we can give to one specific thing before we lose focus. We know that discussions, classes and tasks can go for hours, and many people lose interest before they reach the end. It’s a common problem as according to experts, it takes only 8 seconds for our attention to divert.

Attention span is all about willpower, self- discipline and concentration. When you lose these three, your attention is carried away towards something else.

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This is the era of digital network, and we have a lot of distractions. A survey among teachers was recorded which concluded that around 87% of the new generation is distracted due to the invention of new technologies. While focus and attention span can get disturbed easily, there are many ways to increase focus and attention span in individuals.

Here’s how to increase focus and attention span:


You begin to lose focus and your attention starts to get carried away because your mind refuses to concentrate on the task which you want to do. Under such circumstances, you can turn towards physical exercising. When you exercise, your brain releases certain chemicals that affect your learning and memorizing abilities, thus makes you more focused at the task you’re looking forward to.

Get Rid Of Communication Distractions

The core reason of you losing focus and attention on a chore is because your mind is taking you somewhere else. Human beings love to communicate, however, sometimes, they need to shut off all means of communications while doing an important task which might be related to work or studies.

Your mind is stuck on your social media profile or mobile phone, the best option is to just switch off your phone when you get down to work so that there are no distractions. If there would be no sound of a notification, your chances of getting distracted would be lower.

Avoid Multitasking

If you believe that you have low focus power and your attention is easily carried away towards other things which reduces your concentration then multitasking isn’t for you. Multitasking involves working on more than one task at a time by dividing your focus and attention equally. People who have good focusing skills can multitask and if you are not one of them then you need to take thing slowly.

If you wish to increase your attention span and focus then you need to follow the ‘one at a time’ approach towards doing things.

Keep Yourself Hydrated

According to a study published in The Journal Of Nutrition in 2012, people who tend to stay dehydrated are less focused and have shorter attention spans. Hence, our how to increase focus and attention span articles suggests you to keep yourself hydrated by having 8-10 glasses of water everyday.

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