How Power Generator Maintenance Can Benefit You During Hurricanes

Power interruptions and outages are usually expected during hurricanes and heavy storms. But such situations can become even worse if your generator fails to start or breaks down consistently during the power outage. As a business, your customers, partners, and suppliers depend on you for constant service and delivery, so a power problem shouldn’t be a justification for poor deliveries and low quality services.

As such, proper power generator maintenance is a crucial investment to prevent downtime and reduce operational costs when hurricanes hit. Read on to understand some of the benefits of maintaining your power generator.

1. Ensure Proper Customer Service

During critical cases, power outages can last for days or even a week. This means that all the key components of your business, such as water supply, financial services and telecommunication networks, get disrupted. In this case, you generator should adequately provide the power to keep these components running.

Keeping your generator running at its optimal performance will ensure efficient delivery of products and services to your customers. You’ll not need to worry about slow production times or intermittent interruptions in your company. So, be sure to get your generator inspected and maintained even when you’re not using it.

2. Keep Your Products and Supplies Safe and Stable

Continuous power supply is usually important for those businesses in the food industry. Certain foods, such as meat, vegetables, milk, and milk products, are likely to get stale, dry and unstable when their storage temperatures are disrupted due to power loss.

With your generator in great condition, you don’t need to worry about having spoiled products in your refrigeration systems and storage facilities. Keep mind that you can suffer extensive loss when you experience heavy product spoilage. Plus, it’s likely to affect your delivery times for a period of time.

3. Boost Your Generator’s Durability

During hurricanes and other natural disasters, you’re likely to depend on your generator for weeks or even months until your power grid comes back online. During these situations, your generator will work continuously to meet your power needs. If it’s not serviced and maintained regularly, you’re shredding months or even years off its lifetime.

A typical generator can last up to 30 years when used and maintained well. With poor maintenance, you’re looking at about 10 to 20 years of use. This means you’ll have to incur another unexpected cost burden sooner when your generator needs a replacement.

4. Improve Performance

The whole reason for getting a commercial generator is to ensure consistent power supply. But that can be out of question if your generator is not maintained well. For the most part of the year, you’re unlikely to use your generator. This means it just sits there doing nothing, which can lead to various performance issues that become evident when you finally want to use it.

Performance issues prevent your generator from starting when needed or it can stop abruptly when running. You’ll need a professional power generator service Miami to check the components of your generator, gasoline, and connections to ensure optimal performance. A poorly functioning generator can lead to power surges, which can damage your systems.

5. Keep Your Operation Costs Low

When you experience product spoilage, you’ll need to replace your inventory, which can be quite expensive for specific products. Regular repairs and replacements can also attract high expenses that you had not planned for. Some advanced problems can require particular repair specialists, and they can really make pricey repair quotes.

All these costs and others will reflect on your bookkeeping sheet. When you crunch the numbers, don’t be surprised to come up with a figure that’s exceedingly above your expected generator maintenance budget. Therefore, it helps to schedule regular maintenance to prevent propagating problems that could otherwise attract reasonable repair costs.

The Bottom Line!

Being prepared for hurricanes is important to ensure a reliable source of power. You don’t need to wait for a problem to arise & then need to find a power generator rental on short notice. It will be more convenient and inexpensive for you to have a maintenance plan in place to keep your backup power source in excellent condition. This way, all the parts of your business can enjoy uninterrupted power in the event of a hurricane.

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