Eating Out in Marrakech

You will find plenty of eating destinations in Marrakech and you can also rest assured that you will be treated to some of the finest traditional Arabic food and drink. If you prefer, you can also find many other dishes native to other parts of the world, including Europe. With such a wide variety of exotic ingredients available to try, you will end up feverishly looking forward to your meals for the rest of the holiday.  The Moroccan specialities are available across the city so you’ll never be too far away from somewhere to try its splendid cuisine. Here are a few wonderful restaurant opportunities to take advantage of whilst you are away in Marrakech.

Cafe Arabe

If you’re looking for somewhere to eat at lunch time, there’s no better place to visit in Marrakech than Cafe Arabe, the first of its kind in the Medina alleys. There is a beautiful courtyard surrounded by natural essence and overhanging trees where you can sit throughout the day and enjoy the pleasantries of a traditional cafe. The cuisine is Italian so you might be used to the food that they serve, though you can also treat yourself to traditional Moroccan fruit teas and juices which they serve as well. They also boast a wonderful range of pastries and pastas for you to indulge on.

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Al Fassia

Al Fassia, Marrakech

If you want something that offers traditional elements of Moroccan cuisine, you certainly need to visit Al Fassia. The restaurant is beautifully constructed with mesmerising interior design work and a fabulous dining room area that is full of the aromas of beautifully scented food. You can book a table with comfortable cushions to further enhance relaxation during your meal. They serve marvellous food with perfectly light, crisp pastries and succulent meat dishes. There are some truly unique flavours available here to experience so be sure to make it one of your destinations for your upcoming holiday in Marrakech.

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Le Fondouk

Le Fondouk, Marrakech

Le Fondouk is the ideal restaurant for anyone who enjoys darkened interior design work with traditional wooden structure and an idyllic lounge area where they can enjoy their food. The unique contemporary atmosphere integrates European style with traditional Moroccan splendour. The food that they serve here combines Moroccan cuisine with European inspiration, making the dishes unique and an absolute must to try. The cool, sophisticated style of the restaurant is an alternative option to other restaurants in Marrakech so for something different head to Le Fondouk during your time out in the city.

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Le Comptoir

Le Comptoir, Marrakech

One of the most memorable experiences you will have with regards to food in Marrakech is in Le Comptoir. The legendary restaurant has one of the best reputations in Marrakech not only for its Moroccan cuisine but also for the atmosphere that is created there every night of the week. The grand art-deco venue hosts a pre-dinner bar area for you to enjoy before the meal which is decorated for the sole purpose of intensifying charm and elegance throughout the villa. Not only is the food wonderfully prepared, you will also be treated to entertainment throughout with belly dancers parading the room on occasion.

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