Does The Military Diet Really Work?

A diet that has ‘military’ in it is bound to be one thing – TOUGH. And the military diet is. But in return, it promises weight loss at a rapid speed. Which is a huge bonus- for that New Year party or that society wedding. In order to do this, you’ll need to follow this diet with military precision. If you’re looking for a high calorie diet or one that lets you laze around, and choose whatever you feel like eating, this is clearly not the regimen for you. Read on only if you’re willing to commit to some tough eating choices.

What is the diet?

Although it’s known as the 3-day diet, the military diet is a seven day plan. The week is split into two stages of three days in the first and four days in the second. You can make your meals beforehand, giving you freedom and ease.

In the first stage, you can go up to 1400 calories per day but it’s recommended that you not drop below 1200 calories. The latter count will help you control cravings, maintain energy and emotional equilibrium. Snacks are permitted but they are specific to what the diet needs from dieters.

In stage two, there isn’t quite the calorie restriction of stage one but the goal as always is to eat healthy. You could go up to 1500 calories, but not more. Better yet, if you can continue to be calorie specific as you were in stage one, it would work better for you.

The entire diet works because of a reduction, a drastic one at that, of calorie intake. One high calorie choice and your diet goes out the window.

Does the military diet work? With three days of restricted calorie intake, followed by four days of relaxed calorie count, the diet works because it’s a safe bet that most people are above the 1,500 count. So a reduction of a regular diet has to have some effect. This lower calorie diet is good to burn fat faster, raise metabolism levels and that’s good news too. While there isn’t evidence to support that certain foods work more positively to alter metabolism, fat burning is a given with less calorie food.

Meal Plan During Military Diet

For breakfast during the Three Day Military diet you would be eating just a slice of bread, most likely multi-grain, either toasted or without being toasted, along with an egg made as per your wishes and a fruit such as an apple or a banana. For lunch you would be having cottage cheese and crackers. If you do not like cottage cheese you can include tofu. For dinner you can have a cup of boiled vegetables, cup of tuna, a fruit like apple or banana and a small cup of ice cream for dessert. You should not consume any snacks while following this diet.

The important point to keep in mind is the word ‘quick.’ If you’re looking for quick results, then the military diet is for you. Do keep in mind that once you go back to regular eating with your usual calorie choices, the weight’s likely to come back. Some reviewers have said that even with the weight being gained back, the loss has been decent. What’s also convenient is the pre-planned meals- perfect for the busy person or the stay at home mom who can do with all the time she gets. The diet helps with bloating and in switching regular eating habits to more healthy choices and a healthy lifestyle. Rapid weight gain or weight loss is not healthy at all, so a military diet is not helpful on a long-term basis. Try it for quick results and maintain the results with smart decisions.

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