Compelling Reasons To Move Your Family To The Sun

If you were lucky enough to receive an unexpected windfall, what would you do with it? Many people would spend it on a new home. We all try to improve our lot when we get a chance, and a new place to live can often give us a better sense of happiness and wellbeing. The windfalls can come from many places. Maybe your numbers came up on the lottery, or a distant relative who you were not aware of died, and you are the only beneficiary of their estate. You might roll your eyes at those possibilities, but they do happen.

If you ever had the chance to do so, here are my compelling reasons to move your family to the sun.

Mental Health

Do you awaken in the morning and shave feelings of dread about the day ahead? You are not alone; many of us suffer from morning depression. How do you think you and your family would feel if almost every morning was bright, sunny and cheerful? The weather can have a dramatic effect on your mental health; seasonal affective disorder is a common condition. The long days of sunshine in Shadowridge CA or Spain will help you all to feel happy once more.

Physical Health

Many people in rich countries are turning into couch potatoes; does that include you? It is not surprising if you live in a cold and soggy climate. Think about how a warm sunny day will encourage you to get out of the house and gain some valuable exercise. There are many hobbies you and your family can take up to fight the flab. I’m not suggesting you take up marathon running, but a round of golf might be just what you need.

The People

If a hot climate cheers you, it only stands to reason that it will have the same effect on the other people who live there. I know; many things can alter the way you feel. But if you are under pressure it is better to be under a sunny sky than a gloomy one.

Get A Tan

There is much said about the risks of skin cancer, but that does not mean you cannot enjoy the sun and get a nice tan. There are hundreds of products on the market to protect you and help you achieve your goal. Be sensible, make your kids wear hats, and you can all be safe.


In a warm climate, you will save money on heating costs. You can also expect the property to have extra features that are not commonplace in homes where the average temperature throughout the years is low. You could find a property with a swimming pool in Spain or California that costs the same as the house you are leaving behind.

Well, I hope that I have convinced you that there are few downsides to moving to a warmer climate. Of course, you will leave friends and family behind, but they can visit, and the time you spend together will be meaningful. Spiders deter many people from making a move. The warmer the weather, the bigger the spider. It makes me shudder, but will not prevent me from upping sticks if I get a chance.

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