Are Body Vibration Plates the ‘It’ Fitness Tools?

Whole Body Vibration Plates are being used worldwide in the fitness and medical sector for fitness, weight loss and even more importantly, the prevention and treatment of various diseases and injuries. Training on body vibration plates is said to activate almost 100% of the muscle fibers in the body, compared to only 40% that normal exercise targets. So what makes these body vibrating machines the ‘it’ fitness tool?

Body Vibration Training is Not a ‘New’ Concept

They might seem like the latest thing in fitness, but in reality, body vibration is returning to us after a briefly successful stint back in the 1930s! Back then, the vibrations were initially used to counter the effects of prolonged deconditioning, primarily in bedridden people using a vibrating bed. It found popularity when women started using it for targeted spot weight reduction. They would use vibrating belts to help flatten their tummy and hips. In the late 80s, it was the athletes who took to body vibration platforms. And in the 2000s, they are back – and much better! A look at these vibration plate reviews by Top9Rated is enough to tell you how much more evolved they are.

body vibration training in the 1930s

Are Body Vibration Plates Effective?

The potency and positive impacts of vibration training have been proved by several scientific studies. But what is more important is that millions of users are reporting amazing results from the use of top body vibration platforms. The testimonials speak of different benefits ranging from a clear reduction in pain in rheumatoid arthritis, improved blood flow to weight loss and body toning. Most of the leading brands are said to give longer lasting results in terms of fitness and weight loss.

How Does Vibration Training Work?

Let us explain this to you in very simple terms. A body vibration platform applies force according to a frequency and an amplitude. This force is transmitted to all that will be in contact with the surface (that is the user on the machine). If you stand on a platform, the vibration is transmitted through the point of contact and propagated throughout your body.

You can also stand or sit on a vibrating platform while doing your regular exercises. This will result in a more pronounced activation of the muscles involved in the movement as well as a higher perception of effort without spending additional energy. This over activation of the muscles directly results in increased strength and muscular power. Simply speaking, you lose more weight by doing your regular exercises on a body vibrating platform!

Benefits of Training on Body Vibration Plates

The benefits of using body vibration plates are plenty and diverse. Rejuvenation cure, cellulite burning, easy toning, muscle sculpting, osteoporosis prevention, improved balance, improved strength, impact-free training and fat burning are some of the most popular benefits. 10 minute body vibration training is equivalent to 60 minutes of traditional training.

Concentrating solely on losing weight, vibration training increases metabolism. For e.g., it costs more calories to perform a squat on this type of platform than to make a squat on the floor. Vibration training can easily burn more fat and bring neuromuscular improvements along with it.

The benefits derived from a body vibration platform are hugely dependent on which machines you select. The major considerations when looking for a body vibration plate is your health goals. Depending upon your goals, look for the correct acceleration and frequency to add to your home gym. Check out reviews of the best ones at Top9Rated and zero down your search to the features you are looking for. Always look for the performance and not external looks and you will soon be off on your vibration journey to improved health and fitness.

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