7 Tips For Taking a Minimalist Approach to Kitchen Décor

Let’s be honest, in today’s modern day of interior design (aka Pintrest boards), the kitchen is a crucial element to any home décor. With that said, does the new wave of gadgets, accessories and more need to extend to your kitchen? Or, does the old saying of “Less is More” ring true? Follow these seven tips for taking a minimalist approach to your kitchen décor.

  1. New styles can be necessary

It can be hard to hear it, but perhaps that kitchen of yours is past salvation.

If so, then perhaps a kitchen makeover may be necessary. I used kitchen renovations by Brentwood Kitchens and couldn’t be happier. Sometimes, it isn’t possible to take that minimalist approach with your current setup. If not, consider a renovation to help you achieve that simple style.

  1. Too many dishes

Minimalist is all about only keeping what you actually use. If you have 26 dinner plates, 14 bowls and a few additional platters, really ask yourself the hard questions. If the answer you find is that you rarely use all of that china or dishware, then get rid of it.

Most people will never entertain the idea of having more than 20 people over for a dinner party. So, if you don’t need it, then do something nice while achieving that minimalist approach and give the excess to an op shop.

  1. Storage is king

If you have it already, then use it properly. If you are considering tip one then ensure your kitchen has the storage you need. Storage is everything to a minimalist. Taking a minimalist approach doesn’t mean only having two of everything. It means having a clean approach to the look and feel of your kitchen.

Don’t overcrowd benches with appliances, store them away and only pull them out when needed. A clean and clutter-free kitchen will achieve that minimalist approach much faster.

  1. Rid yourself of infomercial knick-knacks

I’m sure at the time that avocado container or that 5 in 1 slicer was a great idea. But be realistic and really think back to how many times you’ve used it since you paid four instalments of $14.99. Those knick-knacks were a nice fad, but like all good things, they must come to an end. Clear the draws of any non-essential tools and keep only what you use on a regular basis.

  1. Slice and dice

If you aren’t a 3 hat Michelin chef, then chances are you don’t need a knife block with 14 different textured knives. Taking a minimalist approach is all about looking at what you have an really questioning whether you need it and whether you actually use it.

Knives are essential in any kitchen, but you don’t need too many. Think about what you use your knives for, keep the corresponding knife then ditch the rest. You’ll be amazed at the bench space and draw space you claim back.

  1. Pantry essentials

One of the more easily forgotten spaces in any kitchen is the pantry. Usually the story goes, get home from shopping, throw it all on the shelves in the pantry and close the door. That closed door can hide a myriad of sins. But taking a minimalist approach is all about owning all of your space.

Take the time to declutter your pantry, you might be surprised by the use by dates of some of those long forgotten items. Take back control of your pantry and designate clear spaces for each item or group of items.

  1. Too big or too small

In most kitchens, you’ll find a whole allotment of space or cupboard dedicated to one thing, pots and pans. To really take the minimalist approach it is important to assess your needs.

A pot or pan can easily be too small for a task in the kitchen, but rarely will you say a pot or pan is too big. Take a look at all your pots and pans and work out whether you need that many or whether ditching a few of the smaller ones will do the same job.

Minimalist kitchens are a great way to reduce stress and time wasted in the kitchen. Take the time to understand your needs. Then when you are ready, use these seven tips for taking minimalist approach to your kitchen décor.

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