5 Property Apps That Will Help You Sell

When it comes to selling our homes, more and more of us are turning away from traditional methods and saying goodbye to unnecessary costs and grainy photos taken by a hasty estate agent. More of us are adopting modern ways of pushing through sales on our property.

Services, such as We Buy Any House, are revolutionising the way property sales are made and there are also apps out there that will help you sell – which can be downloaded for free! Let’s take a look at a few of these to consider. There’s an app for everything these days:

1. MagicPlan

This app should save you some money, time and help when it comes to drawing up floorplans for your home that will be shared with potential buyers beforehand. The floorplansyou can create are of a professional level, so can therefore be used alongside your property listing, after exporting the plans to jpeg, html and other formats.

Some estate agents charge extra when it comes to floorplans so it’s a good way of encouraging buyers to look around and saving a little cash. The app is free to use but advanced features require a subscription.

Available on iOS and Android

Price: Free, with in app purchases

2. Sold House Prices Land Registry UK

This app is great for both sellers and buyers as it lists the full sales history of any property in the UK to give you an idea of whether you are pricing your property fairly and can also be used in your own property search.

Available on iOS and Android

Cost: Free

3. Spreadsheet apps

While they might not sell your home for you, they will help you keep your finances in order so you can focus on what needs to be done to attract those buyers. These apps allow you to keep an in depth breakdown of all your finances together as well as listing the costs required to purchase potential properties and how much you will need to spend to get your new home ready for you to live in comfortably. Download an app such as Google Sheets or Microsoft Excel and sync them up with your online versions to stay updated in real time and from multiple platforms.

Available on iOS and Android

Price: Free

4. Pinterest

This app is great when it comes to inspirational interior designthat might need to be applied to your property to appeal to those buyers. Create boards with easy to replicate ideas that will make your home look more appealing to those viewing it and perhaps save some of those for your new property too!

Available on iOS and Android

Price: Free

5. Periscope

Over in the US realtors are experimenting with the Periscope app, filming and sharing a live stream of an open house and the property. This app could become a revolutionary new way of assisting those selling their home, allowing interested buyers who perhaps can’t make it to an open house or would have to travel a huge distance to view the chance to take a look around the property in real time.

Viewers can also comment and ask questions as the filming goes on, allowing them to interact with the person showing them the home and helping them to get a feel for the home without actually visiting.Social media platform Snapchat could also be potentially used in the same way, but Periscope is the better choice when it comes to finding interested parties to watch your stream.

Available on iOS and Android

Price: Free

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