4 Reasons to Install Interlocking Pavers

Pavers are not typically noticed by most people. But they do serve an important purpose at home or in a business setting. They give a smooth and safe surface for people to walk on without cracking, chipping, or sinking over time. Interlocking pavers are ideal for this purpose because of their durability. This article outlines four reasons why interlocking pavers are an ideal choice.

1. Pavers Move Less

A downside to installing pavers is that they move when not put in properly. Interlocking pavers prevent movement from happening. An interlocking system accommodates weight better than other types of paver systems or materials. This is particularly helpful when installing pavers in a driveway or parking lot where vehicles drive over them repeatedly. Pavers have sand under them, which shifts and helps distribute the weight more easily.

2. Environmentally Friendly

Interlocking pavers are more environmentally friendly when compared to other commonly used materials. Unlike other alternatives, pavers do not suppress the growth of vegetation. The interlocking paver system also handles water more efficiently during storms. When using asphalt or concrete outside home or work, rain water typically mixes in oil, grease, or chemicals and goes into storm drains. Storm drains, in turn, fill up and lead to flooding.

An interlocking paver system, by contrast, takes the water in, traps any heavier liquids such as oil in the soil, and lets water pass back out. Runoff created by other materials is almost eliminated when it passes through pavers.

3. Easy to Maintain

In the event thata paver breaks, it is infinitely easier to remove and replace several pieces compared to concrete. Pavers don’t require patches like other materials do. So when installing new ones, the effect is seamless for a home or business. They are also a flexible solution compared to other materials. Stains or other unsightly features disappear when dark pavers drop into place. Prevent bugs and weeds from coming out of the joints by applying a sealant or a weed killer.

The only regular maintenance pavers need is cleaning. Some people prefer power washing with the right cleaning solutions. Interlocking pavers are also easy to clean by hand with soap, water, and some elbow grease when doing a spot treatment.

4. Stands Up Against the Elements

The last benefit to installing interlocking pavers is that they endure in any climate. Snow is easily dispelled by blowing, shoveling, or plowing it away. The pavers will not corrode when applying de-icing products. Concrete pavers are resistant to the freeze and thaw cycle and take de-icing salts better than regular concrete or asphalt. Interlocking pavers are also resistant to cracking, which is common with other materials.

Interlocking pavers are a smart investment for people looking to make a good impression at their home or business. Pavers look good and function extremely well in driveways or small parking areas. They are also environmentally friendly and handle water efficiently. Ease of maintenance and durability against extreme weather make interlocking pavers the ideal choice for any outdoor space regardless of the season.

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